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Full closure April 29 - May 17

We just want to inform our dear visitors to Alanya that Turkey will have full closure from April 29 to May 17 due to corona (covid – 19) outbreak precautions. We are really hoping that this the last lockdown. Turkey will enforce a full lockdown from Thursday evening until May 17 to stem the spread of coronavirus, the country’s president announced on Monday. Speaking to reporters follow...

Golden award to Alanya

Congratulations to Alanya Alanya as a tourists destination has received the golden award from one of the biggest travel websites in Holland because out of all the reviews of Alanya scored the best travel destination. Reisgraag.nl is a travel agency from the Netherlands. Besides being a travel agency, Reisgraag.nl is also a platform with reviews about Dutch tour operators and countries and places a...

Lockdown in Turkey

New precaution against outbreak at the end of the year in Turkey that lockdown will be imposed from 31st of December at 21:00 until January 4th 05:00. Turkish President Mr. Erdogan has announced that a nationwide lockdown will be imposed from December. 31st at 21:00 till January 4th at 05:00. The public must stay at home during the curfew, except to perform essential work or seek urgent medical ca
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